Monday, May 28, 2007


If gasoline sits around (like when it's in a gas can, power tool or boat tank), what happens to it?

We've heard "it gets gummy" ... "it oxidizes" ... and "the volatile components evaporate."

OK, but the practical question is:

How long does it take ... here in Hawaii?

We'll take pictures every week until something happens.
A frequent suggestion is to "use a fuel stabilizer" to keep it fresh longer. So, the next question is:

Do fuel stabilizers really work?

If so, which one is best?
And finally,

What's the scoop on phase separation?

It's been said that E10 gas in vented fuel systems may have "phase separation" from pulling water from the air.
If so, how long does that take?

Others say that phase separation occurs from liquid water that was in the system or from rain water.
We'll leave the caps on loose, let the humidity in, and keep the rain out ... and see what happens.

Gasoline Test Start Date: May 27, 2007

Start date: May 27, 2007, 2 PM

Gasoline ... Additive ... additive rate
Aloha Classic Gasoline ... no additive
E10 ... no additive
Aloha Classic Gasoline ... Sta-bil ... 1 oz per 1 gal
E10 ... Sta-bil ... 1 oz per 1 gal
Aloha Classic Gasoline ... PRI-G ... 1 oz per 16 gal
E10 ... PRI-G ... 1 oz per 16 gal
Aloha Classic Gasoline ... Startron ... 1 oz per 8 gal
E10 ... Startron ... 1 oz per 8 gal
Aloha Classic w/ West Marine EZstore ... 1 oz per 5 gal

The temperature and humidity logger will record temperature
and relative humidity every 6 hours.

We'll take pictures every week.

Check back to see how it's going!